Ze French Fox's three-act Play


ze play includes several scenes with different characters, stories and places.

it takes place in contemporary London, though many artistic ghosts are expected to have crucial roles in the narrative.

ze play celebrates ze artistic and intellectual continuity of ze fox's den, hampstead heath.


if you wish to participate, send me a murmuration of swallows.

Otherwise ze french fox will be honored to contact you first.



Out of sight portraits

Ze exposition. Is this a Drama? Or a Comedy?

This act introduces ze main characters of ze play.

actors have their portrait taken in ze place they have chosen.

if you live in hampstead or belsize park you are more likely to be accosted by ze fox.


"you shall never let somebody you recognise

out of your sight."

irene in abney park © guillemette m. 2014

Ze pergola dance © guillemette M. / C2C 2014

i will dance on your grave

The obstacles encountered by ze protagonist.


This act talks about dancing.

Or how to deal with life's ups & downs in ze elegantest way. Performances will take place accidentally, c'est la vie.


"dance like nobody's watching"

i'm a speaker of your silence

ze dénouement, at last!


This act will take ze shape of a movie.

A movie inspired by Charlotte Mew's dark musical poems

and John Constable's luminous philosophical skies.

Did I just say philosophical?


"People are —  nothing more."


ze character of judex by Georges Franju, 1963