Terrain de Jeux

Ze French Fox's favorite occupation is to drop poetic bombs all over hampstead & belsize
and meet ze locals.


chapter i


my first play was to drop photographs with selected poems

on benedict cumberbatch's car,

who once happened to be

my neighbour.

" There is no Why, there is only Why (K)not ? "

— Philippe Petit, Funambule.

i kept a record of my ideas, props and performances on a blog.

 i called them "benebombs".
i cooked ten of them.

ze poems were by famous poets

but never quoted.

i used ribbons & usb keys

to benebomb digital artefacts

and dances .

my neighbour was inspiring enough
to make me try new things.

“Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds.
A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.”

— William James, Philosopher

chapter ii


Have you heard about Foxcrossing?


or commonly known as 


is ze art & practice
of leaving poetic objects

in ze hampstead public space.

ze foxbombs 
are called scellés

— evidence kept in

sealed plastic bags

all scellés have a bond to either ze artistic history of hampstead

or ze fox's vision

"L'acte de sauter par-dessus soi-même est partout le plus haut
— c'est le point originel — la genèse de la vie."

— Novalis, Poet